If you’re looking for a toner?

If you’re looking for a toner?

If you’re looking for a toner not only hydrating but also anti-aging, then our new toner will be your go-to toner😎 It is the first anti-aging toner appropriate to use in the very first step of your skincare routine!

✨B5 Complex: The root of licorice, red sage, yam, Japanese umbrella pine extracts and Betaglucan enhance the skin barrier, hydrate and brighten dull skin.

🧬 7-Amino Acid Complex: Serine, Glycine, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Threonine and Proline give ultra-hydration to skin.

💦 Acacia Peptide: activates deep hydration but also inhibits loss of moisturizing.

🌟 Maka Peptide: full of Amino acids perfect for soothing and firming skin deeply.

- Hypoallergenic tested, Anti-aging clinical tested
- Double functional cosmetic (brightening/wrinkle improvement) / perfect for all skin type!

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